Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016 Has Been Quite Possibly the Worst Year for the LDS Church

One of the things I've hated about blogging is that it is very easy to forget about your blog. For me, this is evidenced by my neglect in the past year with all the shitstorms that the Church has had to confront. I was viewing and came across this page. It occurred to me that most of these issues are 2016 issues, if not all of them. There are a few things that I want to list that will quite possibly dictate the direction in which the  Church is now headed.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the leaks! And I mean LEAK, LEAK, LEAK! The first 3 items are some of the most important that I believe we've learned. The last four are note associated with the leaks.

1. The Church spends a shit ton of money on things like rugs....upwards to say....$17,000 a pop!
2. As of 2014, General Authorities make around $120,000 a year (oh, and we have no paid clergy!). *Okay, so technically this happened in 2017, but I still think it's worth mentioning as it happened very early this year.
3. General Authorities DO meet with politicians and give them direction (just ask former Senator Gordan Smith).
4. Elizabeth Smart takes the Church to task about shaming young women (even if passively so) about virginity and their worth. Does anyone reading this remember chewed gum or licked cupcakes analogies?
5. Jeremy Runnels, author of the CES letter, not only resigns from the Church during his disciplinary hearing, but records it and shares it with the world. This essentially did two things. First, if shows the world just how callous these hearing are and there are strings being pulled from the top. Second, it shows that the little piece of paper that you have to sign (promising that you won't record the meeting) probably isn't worth the paper it's written on.
6. BYU has to revise its honor code to save face.
7. The Church's growth rate is not what it appears to be, as evidenced by the conversation in this interview and this one.

I've been asking myself if the current leadership in Salt-Lake has ever had to deal with this kind of storm before. Part of me thinks they're in denial (at least the older ones) and part of me thinks that they're too old to care because "their time is coming." Perhaps it's a mixture of both. However, they're quiet at the moment. I'm very curious to see what happens this next general conference.

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